Look at this little slice of heaven coming our way!

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@saraoleary Profile picture Sara O'Leary


 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat 2020 promising to be a very good year.

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@DonneHayden I haven’t read it yet but I know and love her other books, which I recommend.

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@poguemahonebrew Yes, but Yiyun Li is magical. I can’t imagine a better use of a pre-order budget.

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@duchessgoldblat You are absolutely killing my pre-order budget.

Thank you. ❤️

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@duchessgoldblat I don't know how any of us can be expected to have to go to work with all these wonders to read. It really isn't fair, is it? No, it is not.

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@duchessgoldblat I think I can make out the nose and mouth on the ultrasound.

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@duchessgoldblat Omg. Can not wait.

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