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Should we stock @duchessgoldblat 's memoirs when it finally comes out at the end of a seeming eternity?

Get out the vote, friends.

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@michael_qld @duchessgoldblat Most natural rivalry in the world. Texans think they're all that, while NYers know we are. No contest: Flyover state vs. center of universe.

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@CrispinDrew Profile picture Drew Crispin


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat It should indeed, with orders doubled, since authors of this stripe rarely make onto the Island! Don’t dawdle!

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@michael_qld Profile picture Michael🎲


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat There is going to be an unseemly rivalry between Texas and New York. 🤔

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@duchessgoldblat We voted!!

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