I’m feeling like one of us had a very long day and the rest of you should encourage me to have a bit of rejuvenating rest time.

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@peterglennie I’m glad, PG.

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@peterglennie Profile picture Peter Glennie


 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat It’s been a terribly long day, Your Grace. But your words of eternal positivity and succinct fortitude give me solace and peace, as always.

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@jondanziger Even Friendly Riesling Tuesday? You’re my kind of friend, Jon Danziger.

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@commuter_haiku You come sit on my lap. I miss you terribly.

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@BigSnugALot I don’t want you to go any trouble, Snug. Maybe just whip up a little lobster bisque.

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@ApparentlyDan Thank you, sweet Apparently.

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@jondanziger Profile picture Jon Danziger


 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat It's been 81 years, girl. Be kind to yourself.

And if you believe hard enough, every day can be Vodka Friday.

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@duchessgoldblat Yes. Same. May I rejuvenate adjacent, Your Grace?

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@BigSnugALot Profile picture Big Snug


 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Have a seat, YG

Would you like a martini? How many olives?

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@ApparentlyDan Profile picture Dan Baby


 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Oh do lay down, dear Duchess!

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