Sure, keeping a juicy, succulent secret to yourself builds core body strength, but at what cost?

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@duchessgoldblat One wouldn’t want to blow out a knee Your Grace.

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@ChristinaHolz Profile picture SF Cha Cha


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat Finally. The secret (ha!) to next year's beach body.

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@duchessgoldblat Isn't this why we have corsets, Your Grace?

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@duchessgoldblat well, your core must be iron, then.

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@buds2tall Profile picture Bud Simpson


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat I think it’s why my hair fell out, Your Grace.

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@Iacoguy I will follow the proud tradition of my ancestors and keep your secret safe by only telling six people.

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@BigSnugALot Profile picture Big Snug


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat You already know my big secrets, I can’t keep anything from you

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@Iacoguy Profile picture Krystle J


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat I'll tell you, dear, if you promise that it goes no further.

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@duchessgoldblat Truly, it weakens the social fabric. Secrets are the lifeblood of any society that's halfway interesting.

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