It’s the Duchess Goldblatt Dog Show: Surprise Edition! Let’s go. Wake up the dogs. Primp! Preen! Use #DGDS so everyone can find you.

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@eggsbened That’s darling.

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@CeciliaBelll It was a very last minute affair, my dearest.

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@CeciliaBelll Profile picture Cecilia Bell


 8 months ago

@duchessgoldblat I can't believe we almost missed the event of the season! Sophie is very disappointed in me. #DGDS

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@ChristinaHolz Profile picture SF Cha Cha


 8 months ago

@duchessgoldblat India at the beach. #dgds

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@eggsbened Profile picture David Benedict


 8 months ago

@duchessgoldblat #DGDS
My childhood companion.

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@NotronZil I’m sorry you’ve lost your friend, Liz.

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@NotronZil Profile picture elizabeth


 8 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Roscoe is joining us in spirit. He passed away in May after being with us for 11 years. He was full grown when we got him, so it was a good long life. #DGDS

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@peacebang Oh my gosh. @jondanziger look!

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@duchessgoldblat Your Grace! May I present Maxfield First Parish in argyle #DGDS

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