@caramantella Profile picture Cara Mantella


 7 months ago

"Lodge 49 — the show on this list most likely to crack some Top 10s — is AMC's indefinable gem about late-stage capitalism and fantastical alchemy (but mostly friendship)..." #SaveLodge49

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@garyprohaska Profile picture Gary Prohaska


 6 months ago

@caramantella Perfectly stated, Cara! Lodge 49 has to be rescued! #SaveLodge49

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@JoyZGrrrl Profile picture AT


 7 months ago

@caramantella @brainstem474 It is truly great tv- a well-crafted, original delight. I hope someone saves it.

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@racs_z Profile picture Roman Ziatek


 7 months ago

@caramantella So depressing to be on the overlooked list. Something at @AMC_TV is seriously broken. #JoinLodge49

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@IrishinSocal Profile picture Mike Hartley


 7 months ago

@caramantella "Overlooked" lol. Candidate for understatement of the year. #SaveLodge49 #LynxForever

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