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The Best TV Shows of 2019

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@JoshuaMinton Profile picture JB Minton


 7 months ago

@EricAllanKramer @nytimes @AMC_TV should be ashamed of letting this happen.

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@EricAllanKramer @nytimes While it is heartening to see the critical praise for @Lodge49 it is now ever more apparent that it just didn’t find the right home @AMC_TV (no shade, thanks for giving it a start) but it really needs to complete the series @hulu or @Netflix or @PrimeVideo

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 7 months ago

@EricAllanKramer @nytimes The NY flippin' Times people! Come on @hulu or @netflix or @PrimeVideo or @FXNetworks or whoever. This show is getting free press, literally from the *Press.* Millions of eyeballs are now seeing, reading, and becoming curious about it.

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