"People always go looking for unicorns when we've got rhinos."..."All this beautiful stuff, right here in front of us.
Screw unicorns, man. What's the use of living forever if you're all alone on a Sunday?" ~ Lodge 49🦄🦏

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@caramantella Such a beautifully written show! #SaveLodge49

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@missy32840100 Profile picture missy


 1 week ago

@caramantella Sunday nights are tough! The Lodge made it easier! #JoinLodge49

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@KenLaSalle Profile picture Ken La Salle


 1 week ago

@caramantella I loved that quote in the show.

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@caramantella That world-weary wisdom is one of the hallmarks of this show, makes me want to #JoinLodge49

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