#JoinLodge49 What state do you live in, fellow Lynx? I'm currently representin' Kentucky! (Hoosier born and bred though) ๐Ÿ˜˜

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@Julesalana2 Philadelphia, PA, born and raised (well 'burbs, actually)

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@ogpoohead Profile picture Sherri


 1 week ago

@Julesalana2 Live near Long Beach CA๐Ÿ˜‰ #joinlodge49

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@Julesalana2 London. England. It's not a state. Yet. #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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 1 week ago

@Julesalana2 I'm also Hoosier born and bred, but I now live in Michigan. #JoinLodge49

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@Julesalana2 Illinois boy here, and my wife is a Hoosier. Currently in Illinois. But the region has a lot to offer.
#JoinLodge49 to #SaveLodge49

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@Julesalana2 I'm in East Central Texas, listening to the cows "Moo", trying to get everyone to #JoinLodge49

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@Julesalana2 Maryland Lynx here #JoinLodge49

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@Julesalana2 I was born & raised in eastern PA, but have been in the Denver area for 17 years. I love that we can #JoinLodge49 from anywhere!

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@Julesalana2 Hey, me too! (Minus the Hoosier part.) ๐Ÿ‘

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