@chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz one more thing: I have a line in here about Lodge 49 that I figured out while podcasting and then stuck it in here, and I am very proud of it

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@kvanaren @chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz or rather so are these lists, because YOU'RE SO RIGHT about the necessity of a variety of goodness. Also, I have not watched any Watchmen yet but it is happening this week, o yes

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@kvanaren @chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz it is SO good and so is this list

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@kvanaren @chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz β€œ...the lodge in Lodge 49 was like a VFW hall, except the war was capitalism and everyone of us was a veteran.” EXQUISITE. Thank you πŸ₯ŸπŸΊπŸ© #joinlodge49

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@chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz you can expand this further (and you should!) by reading the top lists from many more outlets, too. because lists are silly and meaningless except when they are also useful and occasionally meaningful.

(not mine, obviously, mine is just all my regular favs)

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@chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz one thing I appreciate so, so much about where I work is that there are very few outlets out there with this many critics making these lists.

without many critics, without lots of voices, you get a super limited understanding of what "good" can look like.

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top ten tv shows of the year, from me, @chaneyj, @angelicabastien and @mattzollerseitz

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