@BrawnBurgundy @IrishinSocal Are you trying to encourage Eros eruptions? #SaveLodge49

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@IrishinSocal @AbduliaBardwell I think you won Mike.

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@AbduliaBardwell @BrawnBurgundy Yes I agree with whoever is funnier about the thing. (smiles, nods)

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@IrishinSocal Intuition is the whore child of Truth and Joy. #Blammo #SaveLodge49

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I had nowhere near any kind of idea what that meant; see what I mean about smiling, nodding and pretending my way along? It's got me this far... #SaveLodge49

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Zugzwang is a term used in chess to represent that every possible move will result in failure. That really explains where we’re at in the Lodge 49 story. But, for once, everyone embraces the inevitable. #JoinLodge49 #tv #television

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