@Julesalana2 I am a Gen X EastCoast Dad who moved to NYC to live in a flophouse, play dingy clubs, sell records and carve out a life. I like comics and metal but can't skate a lick. I am a TV enthusiast & a long time Twitter-er who has never gone to these lengths to #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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 7 months ago

I am a Gen X, Midwestern mom who loves metal and antique oddities. I spent the 90's working the door at local bands shows and skateboarding under overpasses. Back then I was one of the misfits and I feel the same with #lodge49. #joinlodge49 and our band of misfit lynxs

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 7 months ago

I am a Gen X’r, suburban mom who has never read Marvel comic (although I have been known to be in a mosh pit back in the day), but I too have NEVER gone to such lengths for a show! I am a Twitter novice, but I am happy to #JoinLodge49

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