The Powerbomb-Backbreaker was banned in my house...During the infamous 88 Ordell Street Arena event of 1998, I (The East Beast)was disqualified for using that move - it would have captured me the gold... Was it a fair call?! #AskWrestlingGenius

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@biggest_bawwse If the move was banned the loss is on you! You have to work within the parameters you've been given. Sorry dude.

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@ScottRDavies9 Probably a good call, sounds like the Davies household was as wild as the Boston one!!! Good times!!!!

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@paulg_76 hahaha GET THE TABLES!!!

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@paulg_76 Profile picture Paul George


 4 days ago

@biggest_bawwse During #AttitudeEra mate so it’s all good 🤙

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@biggest_bawwse The Boston crab was banned in our house after a near back breaking incident

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@tboss_88 Hahah the move was like that only @BossDon_89 or Colm would be slammed across my knee for the win!!

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