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@KassiusOhno Drag and Screw or Dragon Screw?


I’ve been trying to figure this out for YEARS! Fujinami is obviously the Dragon so that checks out. But you also ‘drag’ the opponent across your body adding a twist (screw) on the way over. 🤔

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@KassiusOhno As you know no one thought it as drag and screw in Japan , almost all japanese fans thought it as Dragon screw, but I am getting what you said...

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@TravisReilly Kiwi wrestling legend Pat O’Kada 🤣

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@KassiusOhno Wow, never thought it could be anything other than dragon. I also thought it was an “okada roll” until I saw it typed out as O’Connor haha.

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 1 week ago

@KassiusOhno Is the famous lucha referee Rafael Maya or Rafa El Maya? 🤷‍♂️

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@KassiusOhno I gotta go dragon screw, if only because it sounds cooler plus aligns with Fuji

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@KassiusOhno I guess we will never know...

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 1 week ago

@KassiusOhno 🤯🤯🤯

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 1 week ago

@KassiusOhno I've only ever thought of it as the dragon screw.

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@KassiusOhno Most definitely “dragon”, but when I was a kid, I wasn’t sure if Tony Schiavone was saying “full arm dragon twist” or not. 😄

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 1 week ago

@KassiusOhno Leg Drag. ;-)

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