Senator BLACKBURN Proposes Bill to BAN FUNDING for States That Give Drivers’ Licenses To Illegal Immigrants

Stop Greenlighting Drivers’ Licenses!

Sanctuary States & Cities Like NYC Are Using This Loophole To Enable Illegals to Vote In 2020 Elections

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@tinaswope2014 Profile picture Tina Swope


 6 days ago

@TrumpLadyFran Should also STOP providing welfare. They do NOT have Constitutional Rights until they become United States CITIZENS, LEGALLY!
#illegalimmigration #WalkAway #VoteRed #Trump2020 #KAG #BuildTheWall

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@evsanson Profile picture Eric V. Sanson


 6 days ago

@TrumpLadyFran Illegal aliens Vote Democrat !

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@BradEllman Profile picture Brad Ellman


 6 days ago

@MrsJanieDoe @TrumpLadyFran @steph93065 Mario Cuomo is spinning in his grave.

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@TrumpLadyFran @steph93065 In NY, to apply for her license, my daughter had to provide her passport & social security card, pass a written exam, & complete 50 hours of drivers ed (which cost me $800). Then pass her road test. Yet somehow illegals just waited on a long line and a license was handed to them.

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@TrumpLadyFran @steph93065 Why? If anyone aided and abetted a FELON they would go to JAIL. If the FELON committed a crime I would be an to accomplices to that crime. Why aren't we arresting these Governors, Mayors and city council members. Just having and enforcing the Sanctuary Policy is breaking the LAW

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@TxNerak @TrumpLadyFran @SidneyPowell1 Oh it's been going on much longer than 3 years #DrainTheDeepStateSwamp

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@TxNerak Profile picture ChildofGod


 1 week ago

@TrumpLadyFran @SidneyPowell1 Thank you Senator Blackburn. The Senate needs to take more action investigating the Dem corruption that’s gone on since Americans elected Trump

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@claudiatheriot Profile picture CAR19


 1 week ago

@TrumpLadyFran @SidneyPowell1 That’s how the fed gov’t strong armed legislators in Louisiana to change the drinking age from 18 to 21 (many yrs ago), the fed gov’t threatened to cut off all funding for roads.

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@bbergantz1 Profile picture 53Bird71


 1 week ago

@TrumpLadyFran I’m likin Marsha Blackburn more and more. It’s great to see common sense and she’s got her priorities right and is unwavering! Go Marsha!

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