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Holy shoot we just won Immersive Reality Game of the Year at #DICE2020!

Well that was a shocker. Proud to be a part of VR's continued push into the mainstream. Big thanks to #DICEAwards , to the judges, to our peers, the hard working crew at Cloudhead, and our friends @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive for your belief and support over the last 6 years!

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@JonVirtual Profile picture Jon Oakes


 1 week ago

@DennyCloudhead @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive As one of the few who have been a fan of your work since BEFORE VR, I am so happy to see you have this much earned success. I'm glad our virtual paths crossed and you have been entertaining me for YEARS now.

Can't wait to see what's next.... Side note; ever think of WWG+VR?

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@Rowdy_Guy Profile picture Rowdy Guy


 1 week ago

@DennyCloudhead @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive Congrats to you all! Finally I can say "I told you so" after trying it for the first time.

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@DennyCloudhead @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive Geebus completely well deserved. Congrats folks.

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@gameism Profile picture Steve Bowler


 1 week ago
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@DennyCloudhead @cyceratops @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive Yeah yeah! Nice to see Dice get this one right :D

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