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 2 days ago

DOJ independence is essential to our nation’s promise of impartial justice. It is not a tool for POTUS to use for retribution or camouflage. My thoughts here.

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@SallyQYates You used political dirt from DNC to convince a secret court that Carter Page was a Russian agent. You framed Gen. Mike Flynn. You refused to enforce a presidential directive. You’re up there with Comey in terms of credibility.

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 2 days ago

@michaeljashmore @SallyQYates @GenFlynn Flynn ruined himself, with no help from anyone else.

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 2 days ago

@SallyQYates You signed illegal FISA warrants and ruined @GenFlynn. #TakeASeat

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 2 days ago

@ermanyc1 @SallyQYates I am afraid the American people do not care either

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@SallyQYates Please please please run for public office. I’m first on your volunteers list.

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@GearoidODU @SallyQYates @integrity4USA Two words: Eric Holder

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 2 days ago
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@SallyQYates @integrity4USA Trump not only thinks the DoJ is his personal legal toy, it's a strategy that's working for him. And still zero consequences.

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