Attorney General Barr lied to Congress and used the Department of Justice to intervene in criminal proceedings against the President's political flunky. I demand his resignation. RT if you agree.

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@stevecstny @SenJeffMerkley @Marston4ca42 Well he’s not going to do that. Someone with great influence needs to start a revolt and boycott our economy. When we hurt their pockets, stocks and their ability to rely on middle class spending. Even the most corrupt AG in history will break rank.

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 1 week ago

@Quaker1949 @SenJeffMerkley @RepJerryNadler He needs to be summoned immediately!

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 1 week ago

@SenJeffMerkley @Marston4ca42 The DOJ is in crisis because of AG Barr. He needs to resign.

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@babannie @TanyaGrahamDVM @SenJeffMerkley I agree and in the process we should #AbolishTheSenate. We definitely can't expect the senate to do their job vetting and confirming nominees anymore. They have proven ineffectual and self defeating in some ways.

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 1 week ago

@SenJeffMerkley I think the house needs to stop funding these people. Quit mucking around. And, its appalling he isn’t coming to the House JC until the 31at. Dems need to get tough.

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@mvandemar @SenJeffMerkley @KellyAnnFay Impeachment starts in the house.

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@SenJeffMerkley @KellyAnnFay Yes, this, but also... he most likely won't. Perhaps you should start impeachment hearings on Barr sooner rather than later? Subpoenaing documents and witnesses and whatnot?

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@SenJeffMerkley I think the Attorney General of the US should no longer be a Presidential appointment. We as voters should get a say and vote for the role. Then we’ll no longer have a potentially compromised from the get go, AG!

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@SenJeffMerkley Also, please join Sen. Warren in calling for the House to #ImpeachBarr

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