To recap:

Not guilty:



-The GRU

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@craving_filled @ScottMStedman @GiGicmka You forgot some bank executives. But those were “suicides”.

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@LibsInAmerica @ScottMStedman After YEARS and how many different investigations? If she'd skipped a day of grade school they'd have opened an investigation.

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 1 week ago

@ScottMStedman Not for nuthin but they also closed the Clinton investigation (very quietly) with no charges.

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@ScottMStedman @GiGicmka Can you add “and mysteriously killed”

- Epstein
- a few DB employees
- Kashoggi
- a few residents/former residents of Trump tower
- Atlantic City Trump-connected board members
- GOP consciences

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 1 week ago

@ScottMStedman Don't forget Collins and Duncan. First 2 congressman who endorsed him are indicted 🙄

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@Dust_Off70 Trump’s DOJ part of the deep state now?

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@ScottMStedman To recap: when a conservative “lacks candor”, they go to prison.

When a leftie “lacks candor”, they get off.

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@Al652 the GRU ran the 2016 op mate

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 1 week ago

@ScottMStedman GRU??? Bit dated mate, it's FSB

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