Treasonous Lowlife Oath Breaker Leningrad Lindsey Launches Investigation Of Obama For DOJ Corruption

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@DellaCo80612054 @putinsgay @ResisterSis20 Makes me sad and mad.😭🀬

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@putinsgay @katknapzzzzz This is the alternative to the botched Biden Ukraine Annoucement.

This is a farse and will go no where. Its all just more Red meat gaslighting for Trump's gullible racist base..

Its All for FOX News and to hide Lindsey is falling in the SC polls.

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@Mishap365 @putinsgay They KNOW what’s coming in November

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@putinsgay They've all read Hitler's playbook that's for sure.

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@PlanTo2020 Profile picture Maria


 1 week ago

@putinsgay I'm so glad Lindsey Graham is up for re-election! Let's do this Dems. We can vote him out!!!

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@Mishap365 Profile picture Vote Trump Out


 1 week ago

@putinsgay Do y'all get the feeling the entire GOP's hair is on fire right now? They're ALL trying so hard to deflect, misdirect, and whatabout yesterday's news.
What are they so afraid of?

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