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@JoyceWhiteVance @HC_Richardson @NicolleDWallace Who in the DOJ could have possibly believed William Barr’s performance? He was asking for discretion so he could carry out his autocratic schemes. #BarrCorruption #BarrCoverUp #BarrLies #DisbarBarr

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@NicolleDWallace Winner, winner, kitchen dinner. That & he probably had a mutiny on his hands in the Kennedy Building if he didn’t go to bat for the rule of law. It’s doubtful anyone was pacified by this performance.

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Third scenario - he loathes the volume of horrific press he’s getting.

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Maybe Barr really is angry. Perhaps his institutionalist instincts really did finally kick in... the vestiges of his conscience stirred... and dammit, he just had to take a stand for the rule of the law. Maybe.

Or maybe he was just annoyed that Trump was giving away the game.

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