@NekkaSmith The DSS could trace and arrest a man who legitimately bought a SIM card previously owned by Buhari’s daughter, but can’t trace Shakau. #conspiracy

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@NekkaSmith Please follow me. I follow back ASAP

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 1 month ago
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@yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith Tracing through SIM card is big job. Those terrorist released as repented should’ve directed them on how to access shekau with ease. Then the army will pretend to be BH members based on info. But we are all okay with BH winning. 🤦‍♂️

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@idam_okechukwu @yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith @StateDeptDSS You had to tag USA state department DSS? Lmao 😂 guy you funny o

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@yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith What a wonderful god dey serve...deceiving Nigerians

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@awhy1031 @yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith Then Nigeria should also import "mercenary" hackers.

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@yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith Dont forget Nigeria is an end user nation and not a developing nation when it comes to these high tech gadget

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@yourpapabestie @NekkaSmith This year, GOD will bless you recklessly

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-Shekau records a video
-Shekau releases his videos to the internet
-Shekau was never dead
-Shekau is abreast of everything going on in Nigeria
-Shekau confirmed that he is willing to swap the Chibok Girls for BH fighters.
-Shekau has an active phone line.

Do the Maths.

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