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 1 week ago

Hear the full story of Tara Reade, former Senate Aide to @JoeBiden, in her own voice, as she painfully describes being sexually assaulted by him in his office.

She told this story to her trusted friends & relatives when it happened.


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@fecak @shaunking @JoeBiden centrists always turn a blind eye to things that destroy their hero's credibility

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 1 week ago

@MariaMariley @shaunking @JoeBiden @Alyssa_Milano @RoArquette @PattyArquette She literally went to the media with completely different allegations last year, that's a weird way of being "silenced".

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 1 week ago

@MrITC3 @shaunking @JoeBiden Telling the truth? Oh, the horror.

#IBelieveTara #NeverBiden

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 1 week ago

@shaunking @JoeBiden I dare someone other than a Bernie supporter to talk about this! Where’s @Alyssa_Milano @RoArquette @PattyArquette
As a survivor who was silenced it’s important for me to hear from you all now. At times you felt like the voice I wasn’t allowed to use & I feel gagged again, today

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 1 week ago

@shaunking @JoeBiden I'm sure your MAGA hat is in the mail Shaun.

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@shaunking @JoeBiden Wow....this is what you are doing now SK.

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