@DavidKlion Profile picture David Klion


 4 days ago

I don't know which journalists need to hear this, but just because you're a lifelong Democrat who understandably wants to see Trump lose in November doesn't mean you're obligated to pretend Joe Biden is doing fine 4 months before the convention (if there is a convention).

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@jons6111 Profile picture Jon


 3 days ago

@DavidKlion (If there is a Joe Biden)

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@esstheman @DavidKlion some pretty incredible gymnastics going on here to change "hasn't received a single vote" into a strength

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@DavidKlion Democrats are pretty adamant about having a convention, they also are bouncing around the idea of doing it remotely (?)

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@DavidKlion I'm voting for Biden in the general, its not even close but Bernie is better suited for the moment right now

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@DavidKlion I voted for Bernie because I don't think Biden will do enough, he will win but yeah not well

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@BaburRealer Profile picture BaburB


 4 days ago

@DavidKlion This is their king. We are in pandemic

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@ibejac Profile picture OnAMoteOfDust


 4 days ago

@DavidKlion @KarenSHudson Can we dispense with the debates and accept already that @ewarren is the person America needs most at this point?

Neither Biden, nor Bernie come close to matching her intellect, preparedness, and vision for our future.

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@DavidKlion Fine? Can someone point to a single 'fine' thing he's done in the last 2 weeks?

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@PeteSikora1 Profile picture Pete Sikora


 4 days ago

@DavidKlion One might even argue that airing this problem now would lead to a solution and avoid a loss in November!

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@esstheman Profile picture Steven Smith


 4 days ago

@DavidKlion Ok, so we nominate Cuomo, right? He's doing fine right now, and he hasn't been discredited by primary defeats.

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