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 2 months ago

This is an ICU Nurse in Michigan. Lindsey Graham insulted her and her colleagues today.

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@Jayson510 @TheRickyDavila Yes, yes they are. And yes, yes they will need it

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 2 months ago

@McEllie4 @TheRickyDavila @DevinCow Wearing the same “protective” gear between patients increases the chance of cross contamination. It makes me furious that facilities, management & direct care staff (MDs, nurses, aides, etc) r working in dangerous settings due 2 lack of supplies: Dangerous 2 themselves & others.

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@Anneredmond13 @TheRickyDavila It’s like expecting someone to write a 1000 page book with a dull pencil and no sharpener oh and a gun to their head!

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 2 months ago

@TheRickyDavila @DevinCow My daughter is an ICU Nurse. Today in Michigan they were given 15 basically (trash bags) and were told to wear them throughout the day regardless of patients who were or were not tested for #COVID19
They asked about cloth gowns, COO said they'd launder the plastic.
They melted.

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@RobAnderson2018 @TheRickyDavila Breaks my heart & makes me hate trump more then I thought I possibly could. Hope I survive this. I’m one of the elders they don’t care about.

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@DawsOrion83 @TheRickyDavila I shared it right away and your passion inspired me so I will now follow.

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@TheRickyDavila Shared. This needs to be heard.
And you are amazing, ma’am - thank you for what you do.

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@TheRickyDavila This is what breaks down medical staff,
Not the long hours, but the stress of lives in your hands and knowing you don’t have the personnel or equipment to do your job properly.

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@TheRickyDavila We need to ensure that after this is over, we get these people psychiatric care. They are likely to develop PTSD. she's a hero

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