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 1 week ago

@GraceShuss @EclecticRadical That is disturbing. Not the content but the glaring similarities between MAGA and BlueMAGA. There are posts just like this about Christine Blasey Ford. Sure the exact info different but the reaching to try and discredit her based off of nonsense is the same

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 1 week ago

@lw1124 @EclecticRadical Except Ford did not erase her past or hang out with known pro-Russia agitators who just happen to support Bernie. Their attempt to characterize Joe as mentally unfit so this is the next ploy. Too. Many.

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@lw1124 @GraceShuss You appear to have scared them into deleting.

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Did you ask Alyssa whether she believes Tara Reade and why she supports a credibly accused sexual predator for President? Asking for Tara.

I mean, she follows me and I’m literally asking so she can see the answer.



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3 of my favorites are on this week's new episode of @OrdEquality: @Senatorspearman @cmclymer & @Alyssa_Milano!

We talk #MeToo & the modern resurgence of the Equal Rights Amendment— being led by women of color & trans women across the country!


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