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 3 months ago

WATCH: Our interview with Tara Reade on Joe Biden sexual assault allegations. Warning that it may be upsetting for some. @readealexandra

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@johncusack @krystalball @joshfoxfilm @ReadeAlexandra Listen to her voice recounting the story and tell us “you don’t know if this is true.”

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 3 months ago

@krystalball @joshfoxfilm @ReadeAlexandra I don’t know if this is true - but I know the reaction to it is hypocritical- unless it’s due to virus - which makes sense - but wonder in dem establishment types will even pretend to give it respect as a story

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@NickW01f @krystalball @ReadeAlexandra She literally came forward multiple times. TimesUp even said she came to them months ago and they couldnt help her and instead suggested lawyers who refused to help her. Every group she went to called it a "conflict of interest"

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@ReadeAlexandra @krystalball Tara, thank you for speaking out. Extremely brave of you!

I just want to offer a piece of advice as somebody who has been outspoken politically on Twitter for years: every vile troll that comes at you, block immediately.

And if you need help, send me a message. Solidarity.❤️✊

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@GoodwinCharlie @krystalball @ReadeAlexandra I have confronted it. I did my research and discovered that this is not a new claim. Ms. Reade has however changed her story several times. In addition, there is much misinformation out there. Times Up did not refuse to help her. She also voted for Joe Biden twice as VP.

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 3 months ago

@krystalball @ReadeAlexandra Here are my issues. She could have come forward at literally any point in the past decade and Fox News would have given her a platform.

And she said this in 2018.

“President Putin scares the power elite in America because he is a compassionate, caring, visionary leader.”

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@krystalball @ReadeAlexandra "Why didn't you share these details sooner?"

"When I tried to come forward in 1993 I received a lot of workplace retaliation and lost my job and career."

That's the whole #MeToo ethos in a nutshell. Time to confront this, Biden supporters. #IBelieveTara is not going away.

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 3 months ago

@krystalball 1992 and 1993 not 80s ;) Thank you again.

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@krystalball @ReadeAlexandra Come forward the moment they enter the race so that they can be eliminated from the race early.

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@krystalball @ReadeAlexandra Im no fan of Joe. I also tend to think that if these allegations arise, they should be investigated thoroughly and perhaps Joe should step down. What is getting tiring is these sexual assault allegations against politicians almost always coming in the 11th hour.

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