@alfranken Profile picture Al Franken


 2 months ago

It is unconscionable that Trump is not keeping the ACA exchanges open for enrollment. Congress needs to go back and reopen. Better yet, Congress should extend Medicaid to anyone laid off because of the pandemic.

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@DayleBrand @alfranken Do you really think Trump can confort anybody? Would you risk staining your blouse and soul by receive a hug from it?

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@lynn_knot Profile picture WhyKnot


 1 month ago

@alfranken @NormOrnstein We need you Al!!!

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@phikapradar @alfranken I loved Air America too.

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@phikapradar Profile picture Rick Wilson


 2 months ago

@alfranken Listened to your podcast today with Jimmy Kimmel. My wife overheard it and pulled up a chair. She said you were really good and should have a radio show. That's when, with pride, I told her about your Air America Radio show that I listened to everyday. She said, "Air what?"

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@alfranken Or even better, Trump and Pence should resign and let Pelosi take over.

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@FLYINGCHOPSTIK Profile picture Cal DeJesus


 2 months ago

@alfranken We need you back in the Senate, Al

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@LaylaLion31 Profile picture Layla


 2 months ago

@alfranken You should never had resigned. I hope you decide to run again sir.

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@Texan_21C Profile picture Texan


 2 months ago

@alfranken Please come back!

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