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 1 month ago

Joe Biden, yesterday:
-Had a “warm” chat with the President who has an enormous amount of blood on his hands, and may be profiting off the pandemic.
-Sided with the Republican controlled WI state assembly and state Suprme Court forcing people to risk their lives to vote today.

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@SamSacks Hey, 16 hour ago Sam: you're gonna love what Joe's done now!

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 1 month ago

@SamSacks WI resident here. I haven’t made it out yet, but my gf has. According to her it was dead empty at her polling place. And it’s like, should we be glad or upset about that? Is the WI GOP’s plan working? I hate this world.

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 1 month ago

@Azzashood @SamSacks @DavidKlion Rep Clyburn, part of Biden's team, said they will not be investigating Trump admin over the coronavirus.

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@SamSacks @DavidKlion I’m pretty sure Biden recently said Trump did not have blood on his hands w COVID response.

Reason for change? Did he forget?

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@Captaincheeks3 @SamSacks Huh, it worked for Biden

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@WhiteSoxSlater @SamSacks Never heard of a "warm chat" so yeah sounds like a slightly less heated discussion

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@SamSacks It’s funny that there’s a world of difference between Biden having a “warm chat” with Trump and having a “heated discussion”, when to someone not familiar with the colloquialisms it could sound like the same thing. Little observational humor. Good morning. Poll workers will die.

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