...like @OurRevolution @DemSocialists @CPDAction @sunrisemvmt etc for more direct opposition.

Push your congress ppl to back Bernie bills like MedicareForAll & Covid19 relief UBI.

Vote in remaining primary races by mail if u haven't. Call voters at


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Oh, and back progressives/socialists down ballot. Great peeps like @RashidaTlaib @SummerForPA are facing reelection primary challengers & need our help, as do some candidates challenging establishment incumbents during this terrible election cycle.

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I don't know what Bernie WILL do, though, as his record would imply he will hold to his word & support Biden as the nominee.

So we as voters, Dems/leftists need action suggestions:

Pressure Bernie, Nina, Faiz, Jane to stay in this race.

Look to groups outside the party...


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To combat fascism & the corporate Democratic establishment, we need to be thinking strategically.

Bernie SHOULD challenge the primary results & process. He shouldn't endorse Biden, especially as he puts us at risk during pandemic, is incoherent, & now accused of rape.


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Democratic voters have a right to see a fair process play out at Convention, but that seems impossible now if Biden gets his way at pushing it to virtual only.

Our votes were discarded & suppressed. The establishment coalesced in a weekend around a man who won ONE STATE.


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If it wasn't already due to the errors & continued outstanding votes, the Dem primary has definitely become invalidated today thanks to Wisconsin GOP w support from Biden. Thousands of mail in ballots thrown out, ppl told to vote in person during a pandemic.

So now what?


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