GOP officials and conservative jurists forced Wisconsin voters yesterday to choose between risking their lives to vote and being disenfranchised. It’s unconscionable.

We need to act now to make sure every citizen can safely cast a ballot in November.

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 1 month ago

@TheOfficerTatum @HillaryClinton WI voter here and felt no risk. polling stations well setup. and absentee ballets were readily available to use. more dem BS being pushed.

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@HillaryClinton I’ll bet you still wish you’d have campaigned in Wisconsin, right Hillary? Lol. I guess the little girl never will get to realize her dream or worse, America’s nightmare.

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@HillaryClinton They risk their lives everyday going to the grocery store standing in massive lines.

Give me a break. There will be more social distancing at the voting booth than the grocery store for sure.

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@bennyjohnson @HillaryClinton Wisconsonites risk their lives daily, traveling to Walmart, Menards and Fleet Farm. We understand the risks.

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@bennyjohnson Profile picture Benny


 1 month ago

@HillaryClinton Good to see you finally learned what a 'Wisconsin' is.

4 years too late tho.

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 1 month ago

@Styx666Official @HillaryClinton Sounds like Hillary is nostalgic for the days when John McCain was still passing her oppo research along to the FBI.

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@HillaryClinton You realize the Wisconsin democratic party decided to hold the primary, yes?

How the hell is the GOP responsible for your party?

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