Remember in 2016 when the majority of Bernie supporters voted Clinton and she still lost?

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@SpookyFleas @racemicmixture I bit my tongue, swallowed the bile, and voted Clinton. Because I wanted sanity even if it was awful and corporate.

We're going to get blamed, again.

I refuse to do it again. I'm not going to vote for a rapist to stop a rapist, just cause he's in blue instead of red.

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@SpookyFleas @artdecaderoo And then blamed them for her losing, as I recall.

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@MidDogCrisis @SpookyFleas @NevRavenoak I mean, it depends where you live. In California you didn't effect anything. In Michigan I had to hold my nose and mark off Clinton, even if it didn't end up helping either.

I'll be doing it again for Biden, might bring a clothes pin this time.

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@SpookyFleas @NevRavenoak yeah, the real clincher is she got the majority vote by 3mil and STILL lost. America expects us to play the fools game once again.

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@dinosprout_ @SpookyFleas Well, the options are somehow worse this time around so really, who can blame you

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@SpookyFleas i was one of them. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. i’m not doing that again.

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@SpookyFleas @NevRavenoak Still remember writing down Bernie anyway that November and at the time feeling terrible about it since they were like VOTE HILLARY at every turn. Now I stand behind that decision.

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