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 1 month ago

Less than an hour after Bernie Sanders said he was ending his campaign, dozens of staffers who worked for Clinton 4 years ago received a link to a Zoom video call scheduled for 4 p.m: “Invitation: Bye, bye Bernard (HFA celebration toast)" via @rubycramer

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 1 month ago

@TravisFWelch @davidmackau @rubycramer Me too. What was the point? They blamed us for Trump anyway.

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@baronhaynes @davidmackau @rubycramer A lot of us are in this group. People don't really understand how different 2020 is from 2016. Most of us won't go down this road again.

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@RedNightOwl @davidmackau @rubycramer Bernie gave voice to millions who were already totally disillusioned and done with the Dem party. I’m a lifelong Democrat who’s grateful he showed up to bring truth and morality into the public political conversations. The party & the media did the damage. Now stuck w/ Biden. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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@IronStache @davidmackau @rubycramer I signed up to volunteer for @HowieHawkins - I am voting for policy and won’t be compromising- we have been abused long enough

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@rebeinstein @davidmackau @rubycramer Despicable humans, the lot of them

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@davidmackau @rubycramer They’re exactly as evil and petty as I expect them to be.

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 1 month ago

@davidmackau @rubycramer This will help bring everyone together.

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@davidmackau @rubycramer Bernie has caused a lot of damage over the last five years. I am glad he dropped out. Now lets hope Bernie does the right thing and endorse Biden sooner than later. No repeating 2016. Defeating Trump is the goal.

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 1 month ago

@davidmackau @rubycramer I regret voting for her in 2016

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@davidmackau @rubycramer My only political regret is my wasted vote for Hilary. I was trying to do the lesser of two evils, but I’ll never forgive myself for voting for that soulless monster.

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