@CharcoalAvocado @axcomrade @DianeCr19985962 @InLWithLBeingL ... biden was the VP when obama started the policy of putting children in cages.

are you even paying attention?!??!

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@MrDrewbles @axcomrade @DianeCr19985962 @InLWithLBeingL One of them let a person bleed to death on the floor of his lobby, put children in cages, is hoarding life saving equipment. You sure?

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@CharcoalAvocado @axcomrade @DianeCr19985962 @InLWithLBeingL yay. two rapists. they're both the fucking same.

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@axcomrade @DianeCr19985962 @InLWithLBeingL The opponent 👏 is also 👏 a rapist 👏 we need you

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 1 month ago

@DianeCr19985962 @InLWithLBeingL Joe Biden is a rapist. The idea that a rapist can get-out-the-vote for the Democratic Party is crazy. He is going to lose. Hate to break it to you.

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@axcomrade @InLWithLBeingL Don’t feck this up great neighbours.

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 1 month ago

I voted for Hillary Clinton. I will not vote for Joe Biden. I am not alone.

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