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BREAKING NEWS: New York Times ‘journalist’ sent these questions to Joe Biden’s accuser, Tara Reade. The public needs to see how @llerer and the #NYT plan on twisting their minds. Now you can all see their tactics & how far they will go.

This whole thing from the @NYTimes is disgusting but the last questions - involving interrogating Tara Reade about whether she committed the crime of "following three Russian individuals on Quora" and demanding an explanation - is just deranged. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

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 1 month ago
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 1 month ago

@tromano @ggreenwald @rosemcgowan @nytimes Glen is still on Journalism 100, 101 might take a while.

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@ggreenwald @rosemcgowan @nytimes Factchecking, Glenn. Have you heard of it? Additionally, if they are going to mention any of these accusations, they have to legally get her to comment on them, this is also journalism 101. If they are doing a story that questions the questions of her credibility, this is necc.

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@WasOnceLou @ggreenwald @rosemcgowan @nytimes He thinks his hyperbole is warranted. It makes me think he sounds kinda like Tara Reade, and that’s not a good thing.

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 1 month ago

@ggreenwald @rosemcgowan @nytimes Glenn is a drama queen. It’s not an interrogation if someone can choose whether they want to answer or not.

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 1 month ago

@ggreenwald @nytimes TFW When you are attacking journalists for asking questions....

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@ggreenwald @rosemcgowan @nytimes The obsession with Russia is deranged and one of the most irritating things on this website.

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@Delores74008878 @ggreenwald @nytimes It isn’t just you. Glenn here is trying to pretend he was right not to vet her when her story aligned with his political preferences.

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 1 month ago

@ggreenwald @nytimes The Intercept didn't vet her.
This is what vetting looks like.

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@ggreenwald @nytimes Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but these questions seem to follow standard journalistic practice. This has the character of one who is trying to clear up loose ends and enigmatic occurrences. Nothing seems unseemly or unethical here, Glenn.

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@ggreenwald @nytimes The media’s standard on this after years of “believe women” reporting is hilarious

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