There are people in these uprisings taking advantage of black pain to mete out destruction. We as journalists have deeper stories to tell.

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@nhannahjones Nicole Hannah-Jones and Donald Trump are making the exact same claims about the validity of the nationwide uprisings and these "outside agitators", just different phrasing because they're trying to discredit the protestors to different audiences

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pretty interesting how the right-wing media and MSNBC and the entire Thinkpiece-Industrial-Complex all agree on this same "outside agitators" narrative, just with different wording catered to their audiences.

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@AlectayPS2 Profile picture ALGal56


 1 month ago

@nhannahjones ....oh wait, right, they don't want to.
They know who these wrongdoers are but don't lay a finger on them. Some police are complicit in this. Stop telling the protestors to stop protesting. Arrest the doggone actual perpetrators of violence.

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@AlectayPS2 Profile picture ALGal56


 1 month ago

@nhannahjones I'm not in law enforcement so perhaps someone with the knowledge can provide an explanation. Why can't cops and state patrol and national guard catch these folks? Why are they only reacting and arresting and pushing around black folks? Arrest the white supremacists

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@nhannahjones @likaluca And destroying Black neighborhoods

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@NoNusticiaNoPaz Profile picture Ms Paz


 1 month ago

@LuvsFab4 @nhannahjones Far-right ‘boogaloo’ militants have embedded themselves in the George Floyd protests in Minneapolis: ‘They want their civil war’

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White protestors tearing up black cities is not allyship.

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@mercuryroad Profile picture Mercury


 1 month ago

@nhannahjones And it’s not to minimize the justified outrage but I can say as someone that has helped organize protests, you’re always aware of a certain element that will show up if there’s media attention available. They have their own agenda and it’s usually to start sh!t

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@LuvsFab4 Profile picture amy wilder


 1 month ago

@nhannahjones Yes! I wonder how much of the actual destruction is being done by actual protesters, and more by anarchists, who often are mostly white people. I have seen them at any anti-war protest I’ve ever been to, and anytime it turns violent, it was always due to these folks.

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Who wants to write the story that when we organized a nonviolent protest for yesterday white agitators we’ve never seen before shouted over Eric Garner’s mom? No respect. @MSNBC @JoyAnnReid @NYjusticeleague

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@AshAgony Profile picture Ash J


 3 years ago

#TBT 1965: Sheriff Jim Clark of Alabama talks about MLK's marches, "outside agitators," & the large communist presence at protests.

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