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White people talking to white people. More of this please. If you’re white and you believe yourself not to be racist, yet you don’t talk to your white friends like this or stand up beyond tweets for Black people... you simply aren’t who you think you are.

When I tweet about an award I've just won or a book I've just finished, the Likes and Retweets are many. This tweet too is Jacqueline Woodson. This tweet too -- is Me asking You to listen, ally, deeply understand and take action.

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@JackieWoodson I once thanked you at a signing for sharing so honestly through your stories. Today, I am grateful again for your honesty. I cannot rely on my articulate heroes to do my work. I need to fumble through, do my best and speak up. I HEAR, I SEE, I will STAND UP, I will ACT 💜

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 1 month ago

@JackieWoodson I think about this every single day.

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@JackieWoodson Thank you, Jackie. Love to you.

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 1 month ago

@TTPBooksCT @JackieWoodson This is a good list of books. But there are few picture books that address how black folks are dying in America. We need those.

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 1 month ago

@JackieWoodson Yes. A thousand times this. As a former school librarian and now bookshop owner, I work every day to teach, learn, and share. It will take all of us. #BlackLivesMatter #turningthepagebooksct

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 1 month ago

@JackieWoodson I hear you Ms. Woodson. I’ve heard you in your books and in your posts. I now speak out when I used to remain silent. I now recognize that anti-racism is a verb, not a noun. We hear you, and we will do better.

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@JackieWoodson I have worked with teens for 35 years to teach tolerance and fight hatred and racism. I read constantly to educate myself. I engage in conversations with my diverse group of friends. I donate to organizations that do the work. I’m working to engage white people to DO THE WORK!

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 1 month ago

@JackieWoodson minoriTIZED, not minorities

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 1 month ago

@JackieWoodson @brownbookworm Crying. Thank you for sharing. I'm listening and acting.

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