If you are a white person feeling upset about stuff getting taken from stores wait til I tell you what white people took from Africa.

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@bakedinmayfield @WendyMolyneux @AkilahObviously MORE much much more than that

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@WendyMolyneux @Sparkleypoof Or indigenous people. Did you see them dancing in front of the Minnesota Capitol blog. They weren't there by accident.

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@WendyMolyneux Or America, for that matter!

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 1 month ago

@WendyMolyneux @aeneflaede ❤️❤️❤️

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@WendyMolyneux This is the one.

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@WendyMolyneux White people have a way of taking everything, Native Americans/Pacific Islanders are all to aware of this as well.

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@WendyMolyneux As someone said to me on twitter the other day:

A proverb

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@WendyMolyneux The looting is a reflection of the economic disparity, why don't people get that, there is always focus on the act, never the underlying issues that give rise to it, like the protests too.

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