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@NYT_finally @NYT_first_said we love to hear it

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@NYT_first_said NYT done fuckin around

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@NYT_said_where @NYT_first_said CNN reporters were struck by police in DC as well. NOT CLEAR whether those were DC Police, Park Police, or Federal Police โ€” buy money is on the latter.

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@dancow Profile picture Dan Nguyen


 1 month ago

@WillOremus @NYT_first_said @karenyhan also, it doesn't seem that its use today could be the literal first time the NYT has ever printed "acab", since that is also the name of a musician the NYT has written about, Balam Acab, including at least 1 print article

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@WillOremus Profile picture Will Oremus


 1 month ago

@NYT_first_said @karenyhan Doesn't show up when I search the article. I wonder if it was in a previous version and got edited out? Or it's a keyword tag that's in the metadata?

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@nyt_first_said โ€œacabโ€ has been published in at least 2835 books since 1751

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@NYT_first_said "That said, police have been pretty clear that they donโ€™t care if you are working journalist." occurred in:

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