Even at beginning of C20th Muslims requested Christians to parade the relics of their saints as a means of driving off an epidemic.

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@byzantinepower And praying at Lourdes.

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@byzantinepower We talking syncretism

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@alimhaider @byzantinepower The Shia esp venerate Mary as Catholics and Orthodox do. Recall there was a blasphemous art work years ago that was destroyed by a local Shia.

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@byzantinepower I read several accounts of this in what is now called Turkey.

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@byzantinepower Seven Sleepers of Ephesus are mentioned in the Koran

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@byzantinepower The Chronicle of Seert is all over this sort of thing in the late sixth century between Zoroastrians and Christians.

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During the procession on Good Friday barren muslim women passed under the cloth on which is stamped the figure of Christ in hopes that they may bear children.

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Muslims took their insane/possessed to cave of St Anthony to be cured.

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