I'm going to try to be as Duchess Goldblatt for you as I possibly can. I will think of myself as your respite.

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@Theaprilkimble April! I’ve been dreaming and hoping and wishing you’d stop by. I’ve missed you, my girl.

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@duchessgoldblat I still love this post!

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@evonuhl Me? How kind you are to say so. Thank you.

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@readsclosely Thank you, Veronica. You are very kind to me.

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@michaelschaub Schauby, my dearest, from the bottom of the barrel of my worn old heart: thank you.

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@duchessgoldblat We love you.

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.@galen_leslie I do wonder, you know: is it unseemly, is it insensitive, to be frivolous now? But someone has to keep the candles alight.

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@galen_leslie Profile picture Leslie Galen


 3 years ago

@duchessgoldblat So grateful, Your Grace. You knew we couldn't do without you.

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@naomimarue Sweet Naomi. I didn't even notice, poodle.

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@liznorton88 All this time, I've been holding back.

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@NotronZil Profile picture elizabeth


 3 years ago

@duchessgoldblat I wouldn't have thought you could be any more Duchess Goldblatt than you already are, but thank you!

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