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Navigating my life with 2 kids, 2 dogs, & 1 husband. Tired of waiting for (good) karma payback; time to do it myself.

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19 was excited to hand out candy. Now she can't wait to be done, hopeful that she will get some time on the computer. She is keeping a record of every costume & the gender of each wearer. 1 parent mistook 19 for a boy; she politely corrected. I kinda dislike Halloween.

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The dishes don't like being in the sink any more than I like them being there.

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I do not love this wind. Despite having the huge mesquite in my backyard thinned and cut, it is still huge. Every wind storm I'm afraid I will have a tree crush my room. Might have to find an alternate sleep location.

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How do I explain to 15 that "keeping up with the Joneses" is not viable? We might live in The Joneses neighborhood, but that is where the similarities end. I wish I had set the stage earlier. Reaction is so much harder than proaction. (Is that a word?)

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Quoted @MykeCole

I staged a dramatic reading of Trump’s letter to Erdogan.

The part of Erdogan is played by my cat - Ow, Fuck.

Stellar acting by the cat.

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It really sucks when I've stayed up late enough to be hungry again.

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15 shows her maturity, empathy, compassion, kindness... once again. Posted to her snapchat story "Please do not use the R word around me. It offends me and my family." #specialneedssibling

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Replying to @amysilvermanaz: At an AZ legislative hearing regarding the safety of vulnerable adults, hoping the state agency heads focusing on their…

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At an AZ legislative hearing regarding the safety of vulnerable adults, hoping the state agency heads focusing on their laptops instead of the speakers are taking copious notes, not blowing off a painfully important topic.

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Over the weekend, 14 turned 15. She is a spectacular person. She is also a teen. Remembering her awesomeness while she is being a teen is critical to our survival.

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A few of 14's friends have left school. She doesn't want to miss remaining classes for fear of getting behind. My child is struggling with the desire to leave school bcuz of a shooting threat, or staying so she doesn't get behind!!!! #GunControlNow #GunReformNow

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Rec'd email from 14's high school. Police investigating threat written on wall at next-door middle school. (Threat says shooting at middle school later today). Email says we can pick up our student if desired. Did they tell students? As we know, it can happen anywhere.

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2/2 Given her extra time, she was going to make a mocha. Couldn't find decaf. Told her I used it. Bad answer. I'm now awful mom. No thanks for making lunch. Only despair over lack of decaf. Always quick to criticize, forgets to appreciate. The joy of (teen) parenting.

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1/2 14 was busy prepping herself for twin day. Lunchbox sat empty on the counter. Thought I'd be nice/helpful and made her lunch. She continued to move without haste. Inquired about bus, as she was now very late to leave. Getting a ride. Lucky girl.

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5 calls to 5 different insurance and pharmacy providers. Still have no idea how to resolve the issue at hand. Been getting a medical "food" for 10 ish years. Have had same ins for 20 yrs. Suddenly no one knows anything & I can't get Rx. So damn frustrating.

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Helping 14 with The Odyssey. Holy hell. Are freshman really equipped to understand and process this? Most adults would struggle with this. Not feeling the love for this assignment.

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