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I think the man's pissing contest with Trump has finally blinded him to reality. I hope he remembers that the same people kissing his ass now was calling him a baby killer just a few years ago. I hope he remembers this too.

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I think in his rush to please some new friends Jim Mattis forgot this line: ""I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic".

Antifa are domestic terrorist, period, not innocent bystanders.

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Yeah, just keep repeating to yourself that black lives matter while you kill your own. That will wash away your sins. God will have a reckoning for you one day and all your virtue singling and activism won't do you a bit of good.

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Quoted @JackKaplanNY

NYPD removing bricks from Ave X in Brooklyn. Bricks have been places strategically around Brooklyn in anticipation of protests. ANTIFA is way more organized than politicians pretend.

Anyone who thinks Antifa isn't and organized group are delusional. Just because you zoomers can't open an iPhone app and join their group doesn't mean they aren't organized.

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Also, @Twitch never unpause your home page. That auto play "feature" is THE MOST annoying shit about your site. In fact, remove that rotating train of thots and brands all together. No one needs it.

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If they can blame a spilled cup of coffee on a white man and get a riot started over it they will. They want you to destroy your lives so they can further blame it on "the other". George Floyd died because of cops on a power trip, not racism. Stop listening to the race hustlers.

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These race hustlers are holding everyone down by keeping the boogyman of racism alive and you children fall for it every damn time. Stop being controlled by people who want you stupid and afraid of someone's skin color. The hustlers are the racist, not the average American.

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Cops of four different races kill a black man in custody, yet somehow it is whites being racist instead of four cops on a power trip. This is why people don't take your protesting serious. How about tackling the actual issue instead of injecting race in to every fucking thing.

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Remember this when the brands tell you they care.

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Quoted @ClassicGameRoom

Pennsylvanians, make sure you’re ready to vote this November in person or by mail so we can toss that orange piece of shit into the trash.

It is sad to see the fall of a once great content creator into the depths of hate and TDS.

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Replying to @scrowder: Do NOT allow history to be rewritten. Our grandchildren can NEVER be taught that these were “peaceful protests” with some exc…

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Do NOT allow history to be rewritten. Our grandchildren can NEVER be taught that these were “peaceful protests” with some exceptions. These protests were violent, criminal thuggery from the start, designed to intimidate Americans into silence.

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Replying to @RealMattCouch: This account @ANTIFA_US was just suspended for this tweet. Please make sure you are ready to defend your Homes and Famil…

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Weekly server maintenance done. Security system tested. Guns oiled. Cigar smoked. Whiskey poured. Jerky... uh... jerked. All done in under 2 hours. God bless me and my town. Here's to praying I won't have to defend my life and the lives of those with me.

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This account @ANTIFA_US was just suspended for this tweet. Please make sure you are ready to defend your Homes and Families.

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Quoted @MrAndyNgo

The mall has been broken into and people are trying to loot it. Other rioters started fires in the middle of downtown Portland. #antifa #BlackLivesMatter

You can't get more "rich yuppie west coast children" than this.

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It's amazing how websites and companies jump on these bandwagons just to please their customers and their customers believe they actually care about anything more than the money in their pockets. Has @MySpace released a "statement of support" yet? lol

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The lulzist thing to happpen today: Little known website @nookazon supporting BLM to please people who hate cops. You don't have to support domestic terrorist just because you think police brutality needs to stop. Same goes for supporting Antifa goons.

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Break free of @Twitter, @Facebook, and others:

EDIT: @MastodonProject was removed due to their mixing of politics and project. That will not end well.

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