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Quoted @JoeBiden

We are not prepared for a pandemic. Trump has rolled back progress President Obama and I made to strengthen global health security. We need leadership that builds public trust, focuses on real threats, and mobilizes the world to stop outbreaks before they reach our shores.

Going through the comments on this post, predating covid, is definitely the highlight of my morning.

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Judging by the sheer insanity of Trump's tweets these last few days, I have a theory he wants to lose the election but can't just resign for "some" reason.

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Thousands of people are dying each day in the biggest pandemic in a century and our president can't bring himself to stop tweeting stupid shit all day.

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Quoted @CathyYoung63

#TaraReade accused a man of abusive behavior, then came back with a new version of the story in which her allegations became drastically more lurid and extreme.
The man wasn't Joe Biden; it was her ex-husband. See my new story at @Quillette

The best article I've read about this to date. It has a ton of details and, while I still struggle to believe Reade's accusation, I'm sympathetic to what she's been through.

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What exactly do Trump supporters even stand for anymore? I can't think what his policies would be. Anti China? The only major legislation he's passed his entire term was a tax break that, I believe, has expired for anyone making less than 200k.

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Quoted @oliverdarcy

safe to say, I've triggered Mr. @dbongino!

The thing I find interesting here is Bongino reference to the "right wing news sphere."

He's openly admitting to the existence and his participation in an entire ecosystem of right wing news dealing misinformation.

And many simply cheer him on.

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If you ever want to see the worst most miserably ignorant people on twitter, read the comments on literally any Hillary Clinton tweet.

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I seem to disagree on a fundamental issue with a lot of people... I believe in voting for a lesser of two evils.

Biden wasn't my first choice. And even if you believe every. single. attack they thrown at him. He's still better than Trump as a person and on policy in every way.

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If Bill Barr is willing to destroy the apolitical reputation of the DoJ over something as minor as Flynn... imagine what he's capable of.

He could prosecute anyone and nobody could stop them except convincing the most tribal voting bloc in history that he's acting in bad faith.

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DoJ drops Flynn case claiming his lie, working as a foreign asset while in NatSec, to the FBI was immaterial to the investigation.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual affair that was utterly immaterial to his testimony.

So. Much. Corruption.

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Twitter is utterly losing their battle with disinformation. Three times today there was a trending topic where thousands and thousands of unverified accounts pushed the topic to the top of trending.

This site has been weaponized by Trump, the right, and very likely foreigners.

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Can twitter simply implement a location filter on twitter and do their best to combat VPNs? It shouldn't be too difficult to identify and flag VPNs which would allow people to mostly remove foreign trolling on this site if they so choose.

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After Bright's complaint today it's just another instance of how corrupt and broken the US government is. The problem is, when corruption actually manages to be exposed, people are either too partisan or too stupid to care.

It'll never get better until the voters do.

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I immediately dismiss anyone on twitter with the triple stars. It's proclaiming you're so partisan in your beliefs that you can't accept guilt of someone serving a relatively minor sentence after pleading guilty to a major crime.

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Quoted @sahilkapur

DC Circuit chief judge calls for an inquiry into a vacancy on the court after disclosures that McConnell was contacting some appeals court judges to encourage them to retire, per ⁦@hillhulse⁩.

McConnell pressing federal judges to retire so he can replace them with younger right wing partisans. Absolutely depressing they're able to adjust their power to create as many lifetime appointed puppets while they can.

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Quoted @AceTadace

@eric_0929 @TheGreenSludge @LeftBehindUSA @UrsusCalifas Yes, this is exactly how this works. It's like if you had friends and they were deciding where to eat and if they didn't all agree to go to the place you wanted you just wouldn't go. Grow up.

I voted for Warren. I supported both her and Sander's campaign. But for anyone that's not gonna vote because Sanders didn't win the primary. You are a child and need to grow up.

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I'm pretty confident the whole DSA rose thing has been hijacked by right wingers and trolls. They can attack Biden endlessly while simultaneously causing division. Anybody sporting the rose is frankly just hurting their own cause at this point.

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Trump didn't call Nicolle Wallace a dog. He said she was "thrown off The View like a dog." It's an absolute absurd thing for the POTUS to be tweeting but it's not the same.

Don't stoop to their level. Sometimes I want twitter to not be hyperbolic about Every. Single. Thing.

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Now that the Reade accusation has fallen through, they are now attacking Biden about allegedly saying a 14 year old was "well endowed?" Seriously? Does anyone even remotely honest think Biden, whom's been in politics for 30 years at that point, would say something like that?

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