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Live footage of Warren tonight.

(She’s not the green one)

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Bernie just tried to blame the Russians for Bernie Bros.

Pete wasn’t having it. That answer was brilliant.

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Quoted @DavidChalian

.@PeteButtigieg on Sanders and Bloomberg: "We shouldn’t have to choose between one candidate who wants to burn this party down and another candidate who wants to buy this party out."

Also Pete: how about we actually elect a Democrat?

They all came with the soundbites locked and loaded tonight.

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Probably smart from Bloomberg to stay out of the weeds and stick to policy.

He’s gonna get curb stomped if he tries to get nasty with the folks on this stage

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Warren just came out of the gate and hit Bloomberg with a HUGE haymaker

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I’m probably being entirely too optimistic posting this so early, but it’s already gigantic — and I wanted to get it done before the debate — so here we go!

Here’s a recap of some of the insanity you might have missed in the last two days:

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Quoted @Acosta

WH officials confirming to CNN that Trump is expected to tap US Amb to Germany Ric Grenell to becoming acting DNI.


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Quoted @VickyPJWard

NEW: John Rood—the Pentagon's top policy official who raised concern about withholding $250M in security assistance just hours after Trump's July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky—has reportedly been asked for his resignation.

Well, he definitely learned his lesson from the GOP’s sham trial.

Lesson: do whatever the hell you want

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Well, that would appear to be problematic.

I’m sure Susan Collins will be concerned.

Also, unless I’m much mistaken, a President can’t directly appoint a special counsel — not that I would expect Trump or his shills to be deterred by that.

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Quoted @donhibertson

@AngrierWHStaff If you say ridiculous/baseless things (with that haughty sense of superiority establishment types seem to carry) don’t be surprised if you get ratio’d to oblivion.

But don’t worry - you have destroyed any remaining credibility with this tweet - so I for one am unfollowing.

This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure.

If asking for transparency is destroying credibility, call me implausible!

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You guys say a prayer for my mentions. It’s going to be a long day.

I’ve already said I’ll vote for Bernie if he’s the nominee. That doesn’t change the fact that we *have* to get back to normal.

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“Fuentes was allegedly recruited by a Russian contact to record details about a U.S. government source's vehicle in Florida, including its license plate number. The Russian agent allegedly instructed Cabrera Fuentes to meet him in Russia in April or May with the information.”

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This article does a good job highlighting both the perils of being a source, and the lengths rival intelligence agencies will go to keep tabs on said sources.

A Mexican National was arrested and is accused of spying on a USG source for Russia.

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It’s not always about fancy gadgets. The most important part of spycraft and/or counterintelligence is still the person on the ground.

Luckily, this one was clumsy and got caught by attentive security guards.

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Quoted @joshrogin

Bernie Sanders National Press Secretary @briebriejoy tells @johnberman requests for Bernie's heath records are a "smear campaign" and says Bloomberg "has suffered heart attacks in the past."

I will never understand why Bernie gets momentum and immediately shoots himself in the foot.

I fear by allowing Trump to degrade so many norms, we are setting the stage for people in both parties to continue to do the same. Medical records—like tax returns—shouldn’t be optional

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Quoted @idrislg79

Aww shit. @AngrierWHStaff is this part of the ruse or is this for real?

Until I see a resignation letter, I’m 100% convinced this is a ruse.

Barr is the most powerful man in America right now. He would be an idiot to resign and Trump would be an idiot to let him.

I hope he proves me wrong tonight, though.

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Quoted @washingtonpost

Barr has told people close to Trump that he is considering quitting over the president’s tweets, officials say

That would make for an interesting turn of events, but we’ll see — Trump is going to have a hard time getting a bigger sycophant than Barr confirmed.

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Everyone knows he’s setting this up to pardon Flynn and/or Stone, right?

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Replying to @TheRickWilson: All y'all clickservative Trump media hustlers better delete all those old tweets talking about how Blago was a corrupt v…

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All y'all clickservative Trump media hustlers better delete all those old tweets talking about how Blago was a corrupt villain and it reflected so poorly on Obama. Hustle up!

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