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“ brought us together, and that’s no small thing.” Thank you #Lodge49

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I can now say, with complete certainty, that @IrishinSocal is a really great man! I had suspected this, but now I’m sure! Thank you for bein a friend, Mike! ☘️🍋🍩

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Guess what I’m watching right now? If you guessed #Lodge49onHulu then you win! Bonus points if you guessed that currently I’m watching Season 2 ep3, Disorientation. I love the little scene with with Jocelyn & Scott throwing the football. You can feel that joy!

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Watch #Lodge49onHulu and get ready to have it haunt your heart for the rest of your life. In a fun tingly, not necessarily sad, way.

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Were they right about the pronunciation @sampuefua?

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The ring that started it all. @Hulu now streams both seasons 1&2. Perfect to watch for the first time or the umpteenth time. #lodge49onhulu #savelodge49 #Lodge49Forever #blammo #longlivelodge49 #thankyoulodge49 #lynxforlife #lodge49

It sure is! #Lodge49onHulu

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At least #Lodge49 lasted longer than Dud & Beth’s marriage. Now it will live on #Lodge49onHulu

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#Lodge49OnHulu we need some Connie

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#Lodge49onHulu reminds me that even if we can’t see this story play out as it should, we still can revisit that sense of wonder & hope for years to come! #LongLiveLodge49

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Spread the kindness! #Lodge49onHulu

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Want to do something fun? Watch Lodge 49!
Seasons 1 & 2 now available on Hulu
#Lodge49onHulu #Lodge49 #Lodge49Forever

Great fun!! #Lodge49onHulu

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@brainstem474 Life is good.

And anything can happen! #Lodge49onHulu!

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#Lodge49onHulu @hulu @VisitLB

Robert Lloyd, L.A. Times: The show never winks at the viewer; it never pushes a point with a tricky camera angle or cute underscoring. There is a kind of calm to much of it"

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I just got a new phone through Sprint, so yesterday I got free @hulu & I joyfully deleted my AMC app. I did this because my old plan was too much, but the bonus is #Lodge49onHulu!

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I am so excited about #Lodge49onHulu because I have some friends who will be seeing season 2 for the 1st time! #LynxForLife

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Imagine the new Lynx that will join our cause now that #Lodge49onHulu!

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Listened to @thepod49 newest installment this morning while getting ready for work. I wondered how @sampuefua pronounced his last name so I think I now know. I knew how to pronounce @BrittRentschler’s name from growing up in Eastern PA (huge German community) #Lodge49onHulu.

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I may be a stoner, but I am also one of those “deep nerd fans” that @thepod49 discussed. I love all of these little connections & although I have seen every episode more times than I can count, I keep finding more & more of these special connections. Happy about #Lodge49onHulu!

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It would be amazing if we could somehow #SaveLodge49b after all. Maybe #Lodge49onHulu will help make that happen.

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No matter what comes of this, #Lodge49onHulu is a great way to see you fellow Lynx again. #LynxForLife!

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