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Gel Mom #SaveLodge49

For now just hanging around here to assist with the efforts to #SaveLodge49. We’ll see how it goes...

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Thank you for all of the love & support. They will be here in about 5 hours. Grateful that they will tuck her in a nice basket & take care of the cremation. The only thing I can handle is rewatching #Lodge49 while I spent my last few hours with her 💔

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Today I say goodbye to my beautiful cat Shadow. I adopted her when she was 14 & shared 6 years with her. She gave me so much love & I hope I’v been able to give her as much as she gave me. It’s agonizing, but I’m watching #Lodge49 to get through .Please #SaveLodge49.

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I’ve been trying to get into other shows, but I’ve been spoiled by #Lodge49. There is just nothing that is as nuanced & evocative on TV. It made me relearn how actually watch TV again & now I can’t find anything that comes close to how it made me feel. Please #SaveLodge49

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I can’t help but believe season 3 & 4 of Lodge 49 are going to happen. There’s something so powerful about the positive momentum this show has created. I can’t explain why I feel this way, especially when so much evidence says otherwise, but I also can’t shake it. #SaveLodge49

Thank you for this motivational message. I am trying to come to terms with it not being picked up, but where there is life, there is hope to #SaveLodge49

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Man, I just can’t help but think that maybe he’d feel a little better if he just ejaculated every now and then, you know?
#JoinLodge49 to #SaveLodge49

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I feel like my life has been colder since @Lodge49 ended.

It might be winter.

But I really think it's the show. #JoinLodge49

And it has definitely been less magical #JoinLodge49

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Lodge 49 feels a little like a miracle, like it shouldn’t exist and must be shielded from anything bad that might happen to it. To watch it is to doubt that what your eyes are seeing is real. #JoinLodge49
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Such a perfect description #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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This may also be contributing to the wonky eyes. Initially it helped me to start rolling with the whole #JoinLodge49 campaign so it’s all good.

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My eyes are getting wonky from my initial burst. I am going to have to put my phone down so I don’t go full blown migraine. I hope to continue more later. #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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Replying to @claudiatsanders: There’s nothing like hanging out with family...please save ours!!! #JoinLodge49 @netflix @amc @PrimeVideo @hulu @disne

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I don’t know much about Twitter, but I took it as a good sign the last time I typed #SaveLodge49 & it said trending (it just did it again)! Now we need to make that happen for #JoinLodge49!

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#JoinLodge49 because it's a one of a kind show equally human as it is magical. @Lodge49 presents a possible "other way to live", but says even if there isn't, it's going to be a sweeter ride if we all aim for that in our care and consideration for one another. #SaveLodge49

Beautifully put! Literally tearing up. #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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#JoinLodge49 because it's the show with the most heart out there. I'm a "millennial" former 911 operator who moshes at hardcore concerts, reads Marvel comics and generally finds anything not explosion based boring. NEVER jumped on a campaign to save anything ever except this!!!

I am a Gen X’r, suburban mom who has never read Marvel comic (although I have been known to be in a mosh pit back in the day), but I too have NEVER gone to such lengths for a show! I am a Twitter novice, but I am happy to #JoinLodge49

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Keep the doors open


Scott may not be the SP anymore, but it is evident that his heart is still with #Lodge49 #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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Replying to @Tereslost: #JoinLodge49 is a loving family

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How is it that a show cancelled at the end of its second season over a month ago is still generating all this?

Oh yeah... because it never should have been cancelled to begin with. #JoinLodge49

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#JoinLodge49 is a loving family

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If you haven't seen it, you should try Lodge 49. Its unbelievably soothing to watch. #JoinLodge49

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