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"God bless Merle Haggard. He did all the things that Johnny Cash was supposed to have done." - Lewis Grizzard Husband,Dad,HS Counselor,Dawg fan& alleged writer

Georgia, USA

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What’s more American than ribs and apple pie? #MemorialDay #SomeGaveAll

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“You sending The Wolf?!?”

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“Don’t effin jimmy me Jules!!” #pulpfiction

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Peach crustinis…Straight money! I married good.

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Quoted @BassinDawg

Here is a photograph of Peyton Manning in red and black for @EvilKirbySmart’s social media accounts...

💯🐶🏈 #GoDawgs #TheMatch

Replying to @BassinDawg: @BernieDawg @KirbySmartUGA @heathchester “I’m not wearing 🔴 and ⚫️!” - Peyton

Also Peyton...


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@BernieDawg @KirbySmartUGA @heathchester “I’m not wearing 🔴 and ⚫️!” - Peyton

Also Peyton...

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When @KirbySmartUGA is even in Peyton’s head. #Dawgs #vlols (🎥 @heathchester)

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It’s good to be back! #SmashRepublic #OldFashioned @ Local Republic

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Best nights are ended with a nice rye. Cheers to #Classof2020! And especially my oldest!

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Out here in Oconee Co, and did I just see a Jimmy Williamson for sheriff sign? Like…that jimmy Williamson? @JawaviFilms @TylerDawgden

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Today we parade. Tomorrow they move their tassel. Proud beyond measure! #ClassOf2020 #parenthood #mvhs @ Rabbit Hill Park

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We gave a roof, some memories, a big hand…

They gave up prom, senior weeks, all the memories.

I try to make amends…stay tuned. #Classof2020

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Also, shuddup bob costas. You’re a turd.

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About #TheLastDance, is anyone talking about how BJ Armstrong has gotten younger since the early 90’s?

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Quoted @3YearLetterman

Dennis Rodman should be an inspiration to kids across the nation

Freak/Degenerate off the court, but ultimate team player. Beyond selfless.

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Never run out of ways to celebrate your kids. That’s even a pre-quarantine #parenthood hack y’all.

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Replying to @jackofalllabs: Porch naps are essential to recharging for more #JackAttacks! ZzzZzzZZzzz #livelifelikealab #puppiesofinstagram https://…

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Porch naps are essential to recharging for more #JackAttacks! ZzzZzzZZzzz #livelifelikealab #puppiesofinstagram

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Who is this? Wrong answers only...

Luke Skywalker

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Was just introduced to the Snoop/McConaughay carpool vid. How did those two not get pulled over? High af.

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You've got to want it more than your opponent.

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