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JUST IN: House subpoenas for President Trump’s financial documents will remain blocked, the Supreme Court says, sending a controversial case back down to the lower court for further review.

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JUST IN: The Supreme Court says President Trump is not immune from subpoena, but New York prosecutor won’t get tax returns yet.

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Here's a refresher of the simple things that everyone can — and should — be doing as their part to reel in their pandemic.

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As universities continue to plan for how best to educate and house students during a pandemic, some have already decided it's not worth the risk to add sports to the mix.

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Kanye West is catching flak after his Yeezy apparel brand applied for government assistance to weather the pandemic.

Yeezy received a loan worth at least $2 million through the $660 billion economic relief fund, the Small Business Administration says.

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More than two dozen various hand sanitizers sold by the Mexico-based company 4E Global — many carrying the Blumen label — contain high levels of methanol, or wood alcohol, and have been recommended for recall.

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Another 1.3 million people filed first-time unemployment claims last week, according to the Department of Labor. Weekly jobless claims have been falling since their peak in March, but the downward trend isn’t as quick as economists would like.

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With at least three officers on his legs and back — and yet another applying a knee to his head and neck — Muhammad Muhaymin Jr. cried out "I can't breathe" multiple times while in police custody in Phoenix in 2017, bodycam footage obtained by CNN shows.

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A statue of Melania Trump has been removed from near her hometown in Slovenia after being badly burned by vandals, the artist who commissioned the sculpture says.

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States facing steep increases in new Covid-19 cases "should seriously look at shutting down," says Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert.

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JUST IN: Another 1.3 million people filed first-time claims for unemployment aid last week, according to the Labor Department. Millions of US jobs have come back since the lockdown in March and April, but millions of workers still need government benefits.

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Here's what the CDC's current guidelines for reopening schools say. They were last updated on the agency's website in May.

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The CDC director says the guidelines for reopening schools won't be revised, but additional reference documents will be provided. It comes a day after Trump said he disagreed with CDC guidelines and VP Pence said the CDC would issue new guidance.

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Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul, South Korea, has been reported missing, and police have launched a search for him, an official says.

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There is an increasing chance that annual global temperatures could exceed 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels over the next five years, the World Meteorological Organization predicts.

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Here's everything you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic today:

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Although leaders like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have described TikTok as a clear and present danger, many in the cybersecurity community say the reality is more complex.

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After President Trump tweeted that he disagreed with US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for safely reopening schools because they are "very tough" and "expensive," the agency said it would issue new recommendations next week.

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The UK's finance minister announced another £30 billion ($37.6 billion) coronavirus stimulus package of tax breaks, restaurant discounts and jobs programs designed to bolster employment as the government prepares to withdraw wage subsidies in October.

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Why do you think coronavirus cases are spiking? Former CDC Director @DrTomFrieden joins @AndersonCooper and @DrSanjayGupta for a new #CNNTownHall - Coronavirus: Facts and Fears. Tonight at 8 p.m. ET

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