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NYT bestselling author of four novels: The Dogs of Babel, Lost & Found, The Nobodies Album & Harmony. Plus that Eloise piece from the New Yorker.

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I may be totally unprepared to host Thanksgiving dinner for ten people next week, but I've measured the dog and ordered her Christmas pajamas, so I think I'm in good shape.

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Worst advent calendar I can think of? Seafood.

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My husband has a new friend!

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New places on my travel bucket list this week: the Pizza Express in Woking and South Dakota, based on their new slogan, “For All Your Meth Needs.”

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Quoted @writesloud

New piece up today. Hardest essay I've ever written.

I love this beautiful and heartbreakingly honest essay about raising children with mental illness by DC area writer @writesloud

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Kind of mad at my dentist. Some of her actions toward me this morning have been very hurtful.

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Also, I'd like to propose that @jamiattenberg, @jeaninecummins and I star in a literary reboot of "Charlie's Angels," with our mutual agent Doug Stewart as Charlie. Am willing to bleach my hair if necessary.

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You guys, I just finished @jamiattenberg ‘s ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS, and I’m just sitting here bereft that I don’t still have it to read. SUCH a good book.

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I love it when the end-of-year best book lists come out! Except in years when I have a book out. Then I become a jealous, shrieking, sharp-clawed harpy. But luckily(?) that's not this year!

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There's a new Target a block away from the writing space I go to, and I think I may actually weep with joy.

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I think that the Hamilton line “[He] moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide” might just be the most intense character arc in all of musical theater.

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Hey parents, if you really want to freak out your kids, start quoting lines back and forth from the 90s hit song "Peaches" by POTUSA.

Parent 1: Millions of peaches!
Parent 2: Peaches for me!
Parent 1: Millions of Peaches!
Parent 2: Peaches for free!

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@lesliepwriter @FreemanAmyL Feel free to add more examples! And here are the Twitter handles of the authors mentioned, where possible: @jesseblackadder, @cabockwrites, @taffyakner, @hamburger_aaron, @PoetRose. And (sort of) @DickensSays.

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As well as novels in progress by @lesliepwriter and @FreemanAmyL 😀

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And there was also a mention of my own novel, HARMONY, which uses mostly 1st and 2nd person, with a few small forays into 3rd.

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IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE, Jesse Blackadder
CARRY HER HOME, Caroline Bock
FLEISHMAN IS IN TROUBLE, Tiffany Brodesser-Akner
BLEAK HOUSE, Charles Dickens
NIRVANA IS HERE, Aaron Hamburger
THE SON, Philipp Meyer

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In answer to my query yesterday about books written in both 1st and 3rd person, I received a lot of great recommendations for books that are good examples of the form. List coming next!

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What do you all think about novels where one POV is in first person and another is in third? Trying to make some stylistic choices here...

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This is important to remember: You know that voice in your head that points out all your flaws and reminds you of all the worst things you've ever done? That voice is an unreliable narrator.

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