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Coffee-obsessed. Friend of a feather. Designer/writer experiencing life daily in the greater California area. 👩‍🎨🌴🐦🌵☕

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Quoted @CNN

A group of firefighters and police that were responding to a bee sting were attacked by a swarm of nearly 40,000 Africanized bees.Three of the first responders were rushed to the hospital, while the others quickly shut down the block.

What I really want to know is how they got a headcount on Africanized bees. 🤔

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Replying to @Acidic_Blonde: #ImStartingAGangCalled The Introverts.

We haven’t had a meeting yet

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That's why there's a Henchmen's Union.

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Ever wish the number of emails in your account could be converted straight into dollars? 🤑 I'd be rolling in it then!

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#ImStartingAGangCalled The Introverts.

We haven’t had a meeting yet

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BBC News - The artistic wizard who brought Oz to life

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A good taco #MakesMePurrLikeAKitten. Because every day is secretly Taco Tuesday at heart.

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Trying to turn left on a yellow light in Hollywood when jerks driving straight run the light...

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Henlo frens from a smol birb.
#LoveYourPetsDay #NationalPetDay

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Replying to @businessinsider: The real story behind "Ford v. Ferrari"

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#MyParticularSetOfSkillsInclude doubting my particular set of skills.

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The real story behind "Ford v. Ferrari"

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#IfIHavetoSeeAnother Mercedes cut me off on the 405, I'll 😑

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#IfIHavetoSeeAnother Tesla driver gushing about their car's bells and whistles, I'll 😑

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#IfIHavetoSeeAnother Prius double parking in Hollywood, I'll 😑

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#IfIHavetoSeeAnother extreme extrovert tonight, I'm going to pull an extreme introvert.

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Me: I am jaded and cynical, so over humanity, I choose to dwell in a bastion of solitude.
Also Me: (friend casually mentions doing a game night) OMG I'm in!

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Always add 3 more hours than you planned to spend at the DMV.

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